Our priority at Harris Palmer is to facilitate positive and mutually-beneficial business relationships between Industry, First Nations, and Government. 


From Aboriginal communities to industry boardrooms and government offices, Harris Palmer works with clients to negotiate agreements, engage on issues, and facilitate discussions. We have worked extensively in the oil and gas, clean energy, pipeline, transportation, hydro, forestry, and mining sectors, and we pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions that work for all parties.


Harris Palmer has a depth of experience working with Aboriginal communities across BC and Canada. Our team has worked on behalf of Aboriginal governments and organizations to negotiate agreements, manage businesses, provide advice, administer programs, and develop strategic plans.  We have a proven ability to identify priority issues and implement solutions.


Harris Palmer has broad-based experience in provincial, federal, and municipal governments at both executive and managerial levels. Harris Palmer has delivered a number of projects for government on issues such as economic development, forestry, revenue sharing, and Aboriginal housing. We understand the importance of working with government and have strong relationships in that area.

Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.

— Alexander Graham Bell